Product Features

Great for relaxing with tea

Curling up on the couch with a warm drink has never been more local. You can rep the city you love while being cozy at home.

Looks great on a desk

Do you drink coffee at work? We do! We love drinking from mugs, especially this one. It's exactly like every other mug, except it is 100% Edmonton focused. (Seriously, there is NO other city on this mug.*)

Be the talk of the water cooler

This definitely ups your cool factor at the office (even the home office). People will love looking at your I Heart YEG mug. You can tell them where to buy one, too!

Holds Liquid!

If you find yourself wanting to drink coffee or tea but don't have a beverage receptacle, this will do the job!

It really works! Who would have thought! The attention to detail is really something...

Jeff C

I wasn't buying it at first... Then I bought it.

Sophie M

It's beautiful! Really an incredible find. But above all, I love that I can drink from it.

Christine W

Disclaimer: Despite the content on this page, we make no claims about this mug being better than any other mug or outperforming other drinkware. This is just a mug with some letters and a city skyline on it. Also, the skyline is incorrect. We know. Oops!